Bank Zachodni WBK

How to apply

The procedure behind submitting the application forms is very simple. The candidates have a www.myway.pl website at their disposal. With its use they should fill in a form that will enable them sending the required videos.
The form is available under REGISTER key located in the upper right corner of the website.
The application forms sent by the candidates will be verified. The verification stages will be as follows:

  • formal evaluation of the application forms – in terms of the required materials’ timeliness and complianc
  • initial artistic evaluation of the application forms – made by the appointed team and including such criteria as:

Interpretation of a musical composition,

Musical talent,

Vitality of a performance,

Originality of a performance,

Overall performance           

  • final evaluation of the application forms – made by the Foundation’s Jury according to separate criteria

A detailed description of how to submit an application form is available in the Regulations